Automotive Conveyor for drying windscreens in car plants

Automotive Conveyor

Windscreen drying Conveyor utilising HDPE supports and rubber flanged wheels to protect the product.

The windscreens are then fitted to the vehicle whilst progressing down the main Conveyor production line.

large heavy modular belt conveyor for the aerospace industry

Heavy duty plastic modular conveyor

The  aircraft tyre transfer conveyor is fitted wit side rolling modules to allow the tyres to be transfered at 90 degrees from its original line of travel on to the next conveyor,and so up the production line..

side flexing conveyor system in  the print and packaging industry

Side flexing plastic modular conveyor

A side flexing plastic modular conveyor fitted with rubber inserts for product protection in a larg diary manufacturing plant.

The diaries arrive from a conveyor at 90 degrees to this conveyor and progress to next in line conveyor.


large modular manrider conveyor in the packaging industry

Two stage modular manrider conveyor

The cardboard cutting machine deposited multiple layers of unformed cardboard boxes on to a 3 metre squar pallet which when full, was indexed off the rear of the system.

The two operators traveled on the conveyor system with the product.