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About Us

conveyor system 2 lanes feeding one conveyor and packaging system


Conveyors are at the very heart of all fast moving industries.

         AAB CONVEYORS   have been at the fore front of this ever evolving technology since the early nineties.

We carry out both installations and modifications to existing systems, including power & free systems and monorail.

AAB Conveyors have developed a more robust modular belting to replace slatband running surfaces. and PVC type belting

conveyor and robotics. in the automation   and materials handling industry.


With  up to date Automation and conveyors cutting your costs & making your company more competitive.  We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service and most up to date technology. 

Our engineers will discuss your conveyor / automation requirements with yourselves to ensure that the conveyor and automation  will be as per your requirements. we can change or supply new metal detection systems.

Please go to the relevant page to view examples of previously supplied conveyors and ancillaries.


modular belt stainless steel food grade conveyor

Conveyor Systems


A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors  are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of  heavy or bulky materials. Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient  transportation for a wide variety of materials, which make them very  popular in the material handling and packaging industries. They also have popular consumer applications, as they are  often found in supermarkets and airports, constituting the final leg of  item/ bag delivery to customers. Many kinds of conveying systems are  available and are used according to the various needs of different  industries. There are chain conveyors (floor and overhead) as well.  Chain conveyors consist of enclosed tracks, I-Beam, towline, power   & free, and hand pushed trolleys.

About industries

modular automotive conveyor for materials handling

Lineshaft roller conveyor  move boxes at a distribution centre   

Belt Conveyors  move papers at a newspaper print plant .

Roller conveyor for carton transport in the apparel industry

Conveyor systems are used widespread across a range of industries due to the numerous benefits they provide.   Conveyors are able to safely  transport materials from one level to another, which when done by human labour would be strenuous and expensive. They can be installed almost anywhere, and are much safer than using a forklift or other machine to move materials. They can move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights. Also, many have advanced safety features that help prevent accidents. There are a variety of options available for running conveying systems, including  hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems, which are equipped to fit individual needs.  Conveyor systems are commonly used in many industries, including the Mining, automotive, pharmaceutical  computer, electronic, food processing, aerospace, , chemical, bottling and canning, print finishing and packaging.

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start stop station £68.00 varible speed control start stop station £354.00 emergency stop button £38.00 Photo electric cell control £98.00 conveyor

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